Helping to Preserve Native American Heritage since 1981.

Native American pottery (or Indian Pottery) has a rich heritage indeed.

The beginning of agriculture about 2000 years ago enabled the previously nomadic Indian peoples to settle down. The birth of Native American pottery was a natural corollary to the process of gathering water, storing grains, liquids, and preserving seeds for the next planting.

The craft of southwest american pottery culminated in the development of cooking pots, water jars with indented bases and large storage vessels for grains and liquids. Other more ornamental pieces also evolved such as the Wedding VaseWind Bell, and Bear , each with their unique purpose and mythical association to the native culture.

Surprisingly, Native Indian pottery was developed without the potters wheel. The Indian potters relied solely on their skillful hands and used the painstaking method of coiling and pinching. Over the centuries, Native American pottery has flourished in different styles depending upon the location.

Cedar Mesa Pottery, situated on a high desert plateau at the foot of Blue Mountain, specializes in unique carefully hand crafted and Indian Hand Painted pottery that embodies our rich Native American Heritage. Many of our designs tell or echo stories and beliefs of the Navajo people. We invite you to participate with us in preserving this heritage.