Rock Art Windbell Ornament -(80143)

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  • UNIQUE HAND PAINTED ART Each of our beautiful pieces is hand painted.
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR COLLECTION This beautiful Native American piece will be a wonderful addition or start to your Native American Art and Pottery collection.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE This incredible handmade piece measures 3 x 3 x 3 inches (LxWxH)
  • AUTHENTIC ARTIST - The Native American Indian artists, who sign each piece, combine their natural artistic talents with the inspiration of their culture and breathtaking beauty of their homeland.
  • CEDAR MESA POTTERY - We specialize in unique, carefully hand crafted and Indian Hand Painted pottery that embodies our rich American heritage. This pottery comes from the high plateau country of the Southwest at the foot of Blue Mountain.

Kokopelli is influential in fertility and abundance whether it be in the hunt, the field or huma reproduction. His presence is common on the Colorado Plateau canyoun country, home of the Anasazi (the ancient ones).